Food: A medicine for your body

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If you need to be healthy, then you need to maintain a balanced diet, proper nutrition and doing regular physical activities. Poor nutrition will result in lack of immunity. So eat some of healthy foods for staying healthy and we need 5 mandatory essential nutrients and they are,

  • Carbohydrate

  • Proteins

  • Fats

  • Water

  • Vitamins and minerals

Protein rich foods for our body

What protein does for human body? Protein helps to build strong muscles, hormones and skin. A protein diet may helps to lower your blood sugar and blood pressure. The intake of protein should be higher for men than women. Some of the food that have high protein that we are taking in our day to life they are Egg, almonds, fish, milk, yoghurt, peanuts, chicken breast and some more foods. Egg is the most protein rich foods among all other protein foods. This also contains minerals and used for protecting eyes and brain. Egg white has more protein that yolk.

Carbs are essential for greater energy:

Carbohydrate foods are essential for energy but high carb foods are not recommended it results in obesity. Bananas play a major role for humans and it has 23 percent crabs and it supports for digestion. Beetroots give nitric oxide into your body that will help to maintain blood pressure. Some other fruits that have good carbs are apple, grapefruits, orange, blueberries etc.

Fatty acids:

Some may think that fats are bad for health, but the real fact is not like that. There are two types of fats good and bad fats both should be maintained for good health. Some of the fatty foods are avocados, fish, cheese etc.

Overview of essential foods for healthy lifestyle in day-to-day life:

To maintain a healthy body you need to maintain this healthy diet chart daily,

  • Fruits like papaya, banana and chikoo.

  • Vegetables like carrot beetroots and you can have it in juices if you are bored with salad.

  • You should have some of green leaves in your daily meal.

  • Protein foods like fish, chicken, soya chunks, panneer.

  • Millets and pulses.

  • Cereals include wheat, rice, brown rice etc.,

  • You should have ginger, honey, turmeric garlic in your most recipes.

Water: essential thing for human body

Intake of water is essential and you need to have some water rich foods. Usually fruits have more water content some of them are pineapple, strawberries, orange, watermelon and muskmelon. These are the fruits you can get easily eat lots of water foods and stay hydrated. For human water is the most essential thing and you can live for some days without food but you cannot live without water, so drink plenty of water.

Vitamins and minerals for human body:

Some of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for human body are Calcium, Folic acid, Selenium, Potassium, Fibre content of these vitamins and minerals may vary according to the age. That will be different for children, adults and old people. But all should possess correct